What is Oumnia Works?

The main goal of Oumnia Works is to provide mothers with additional tools to help their child hold on in the complex Dutch society. Many youths from ethnic minorities, especially young Muslims, do not feel heard or valued as they try to find themselves and develop their own identity. During that search, some young people can lose themselves or lose their connection with society. In some cases, this loss can lead to radicalisation. Mothers are uniquely able to recognise signals at an early stage and to keep their child from slipping out of control. The Oumnia Works programme helps them with this programme. The programme consists of an interactive training in which knowledge is provided and skills are developed. The participants learn from the trainer, but mainly from each other.

After the training, the help desk of Oumnia Works can offer support and assistance with practical questions and problems.

Oumnia Works is based on three programme parts:

    1. The training (7 half-days) covering 7 themes:

      • Introductory meeting
      • Educational game
      • Contact with your teenager
      • Social media upbringing
      • Where to find help
      • Identity & citizenship
      • Evaluation meeting

    2. A help desk (with a telephone number which can be called 24/7, and which offers help and assistance with practical questions and problems);

    3. Aftercare and follow-up (direct help or referral to a professional organisation – one of the social support organisations in the local community)