Based on the day-to-day needs and challenges of mothers, Oumnia Works is an innovative educational empowerment programme developed by and for mothers from ethnic minority backgrounds. The initiative for this unique empowerment programme, developed together with a large group of experts, was taken by ‘Steunpunt Sabr’, an organisation in The Hague. The experts worked with the comments, responses and questions from about 120 mothers, all with children of school age, who participated in the programme try-outs. This process has made sure that the Oumnia Works programme connects with the daily lives and experiences of mothers. During or after the training, mothers can contact the 24/7 help desk of Oumnia Works for questions and practical support. This bottom-up approach sets Oumnia Works apart from other empowerment activities and explains its unique strength and success. The programme was developed together with Steunpunt Sabr (‘Sabr Support’) and the City of The Hague.