Training – content

The training lasts seven half-day sessions. The programme discusses various themes and provides mothers with various tools.

  1. Introductory meeting
    The Oumnia Works training starts with a dramatic performance by an actress. This part is meant to start the process of awareness and reflection. It allows mothers to realise that dangers may be present, but also that they are not alone and that there is help.
  1. Educational game
    An educational game with various assignments is used to discuss questions about upbringing. The mothers discuss easier and harder questions about upbringing.
  1. Contact with your teenager
    This meeting is about young people becoming independent and finding their own identity. We speak about being aware of their ideals which may clash with reality. This meeting includes a discussion of ways that you can deal with this situation as a mother.
  1. Social media upbringing
    It is important for mothers to know what happens on the internet and on social media. Insights are given into how new media work and how they can talk to their children about this matter.
  1. Where to find help
    If mothers face problems in their family, whether it is radicalisation or other serious issues, it is important for them to know that they are not alone. We speak to them about the possible formal and informal resources and support organisations close to home.
  1. Identity & citizenship
    Many young Muslims and young people in general struggle with the question of how to be a good citizen in Western society without losing their own religious and cultural background. This session focuses on the origin and the course of radicalisation processes.
  1. Evaluation meeting
    In this meeting, the mothers reflect on the programme together: what did they learn and where can they turn for any follow-up questions?